Senior Staff Profiles

Dr. K0yugi
Dr. Boniface O’muga K’Oyugi
Chief Executive Officer
National Coordinating Agency for Population & Development
Dr. K'Oyugi is a demographer with a Ph.D in Population Studies from Nairobi University. Before joining NCAPD, Dr. K'Oyugi worked as a Lecturer and later a Senior Lecturer at the University of Nairobi from 1990. His working experience began 1982 at the Ministry of Planning and National Development where he was employed as a Planning Officer responsible for the population sector.
The NCAPD CEO has been involved in quite a number of researches and consultancies including the following:
  • Kenya Maternal Mortality Baseline Survey - 1994
  • Analysis of the 1989 Kenya Population Census data
  • KAP Baseline Survey on Reproductive Health & Family Planning in Somalia - 1999
  • Kenya's Position Paper on the Implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action - May 2004
  • Draft Kenya National Reproductive Health Policy - October 2004
  • Development of Government/UNFPA Country Programmes in Sierra Leone and Rwanda
In addition to the above, Dr. K'Oyugi was involved in publishing the following paper for peer reviewed journals:
  • 'Breastfeeding, Nutrition, Immunization & Childhood Mortality in Rural Kenya'  - Journal for Health, January - March 2001
  • 'Regional Variations in the Use of Contraceptives in Kenya' - Genus, 2004
  • 'Infant/child Mortality and Birth Intervals in Kenya' - Health Line, April - June 2001

Deputy Director
Finance and Administration
ChepMr. Chepsiror holds a Masters Degree in Public Health from Boston University and has a broad experience in Finance and Administration. In addition, he has a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Miami University. From 1983 upto 1990, Mr. Chepsiror worked as a Planning Officer in various Government Ministries/Departments including Planning & National Development, Education, Directorate of Personnel Management, and Employment & Manpower Development. In 1990 he joined NCAPD as an Assistant Director of Population and through the years he has risen to the current position of Deputy Director - Finance and Administration.
His main duties include the following:
  • Overseeing the financial processes and transactions, including budgeting, spending and reporting
  • Managing the Agency’s procurements and ensuring adherence to procurement rules and regulations
  • Handling the human resource management function and leading the process of developing a HR manual
  • Providing overall logistical support for the Agency’s operations such as transport, functionality of other working tools and working environment
  • Liaising and providing appropriate linkages, partuculary with the parent ministry, The Treasury, and Office of the President - Inspectorate of state Corporations

KizitoDeputy Director

Policy Development and Coordination

Dr. Kizito has a doctoral training from the University of Southampton. He also has a Bachelors Degree (Econometrics/Statistics) and a Masters Degree (Demography) from Nairobi University. Dr. Kizito has also undergone extensive training in research, statistical analysis, monitoring & evaluation, and communicating research findings to policy makers. Some of the highlights of his work with the National Coordinating Agency for Population and Development include:
  • Successfully Coordinating National Surveys (e.g. the 1999 and 2004 Kenya Service Provision Assessments) from the design stage to data use stage
  • Overseeing the development of tools and analysis of such surveys to ensure they can respond to Policy
  • Coordinating the Further Analysis of 2003 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey-the survey collected information on HIV/AIDS- Overseeing reviewing drafts from about 14 consultants.
  • Presenting information from studies to high policy makers for action
  • Strategic Planning and its application on Population/Health/HIV-AIDS Programmes/ Projects
  • Providing leadership in the development of policies within the population and development sector

NgatiaManager Programmes

Mr. Ngatia holds a B.A Hons degree in Economics and Public Administration (Panjab University ), a MSc Degree in Population Studies (University of Wales – UK 1987). He is one of the original staff members of the National Council for Population and Development when it was created under the Ministry of Home affairs and National Heritage in 1982. He has worked as a Planning Officer and a Population Officer in the Ministry of Planning and National Development and a Senior Assistant Director of Population at the NCAPD . He is now the Manager in charge of Programmes Coordination Monitoring and Evaluation. Mr. Ngatia has a wide range of experience in programme development, management and policy analysis. He has done a number of short courses locally and abroad including on Monitoring and Evaluation, Health Care Management , Strategic Planning and Management. He was instrumental to the development of several documents which include:

  • The 2003 adolescent Reproductive Health and development Policy and its plan of Action
  • The NCAPD Strategic Plans for implementation of the NPPSD
  • ICPD +10 Kenya progress report in implementing the International conference on Population and Development
  • The upcoming NGO data Base on implementation of Population and Development.
  • Development of M-E and also Coordination Strategies for Population Programmes in Kenya. Inter alia.
Mr. Ngatias' career Mission is to offer quality services in programme development and management for sustainable development. He has participated in several research projects including authoring chapters on Family Planning in the 1993 and 1998 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (KDHS), as well as co-authoring the chapter on Family Planning for the 2004 Kenya Service Provision Assessment (KSPA). Mr. Ngatia is a member of the Population Association of Kenya and the Society for International Development.

KichamuManager Communication & Public Education

Mr. Kichamu is in charge of the Advocacy and Communication Division where he is responsible for Coordination of all population IEC and Advocacy activities.  He oversees materials development, dissemination, monitoring and evaluation, and advocacy through print and electronic media. Mr. Kichamu also provides technical input in the implementation and appraisal of identified population programmes, projects and researches, and contributes to the formulation and review of population policies, strategies and programmes on population Advocacy and Information, Education and communication in particular.  In addition to these responsibilities, Mr. Kichamu has also coordinated a number of national and international research projects including:

  • Provided technical assistance for the 2006 National Census of Nigeria as a Senior Monitor.
  • National Coordinator of the 2007 Kenya National Survey for Persons with Disabilities.
  • In charge of the advocacy component of the Kenya AIDS Indicator Survey 2007.
  • Project Deputy Director for the development of a film Documentary on ‘Repositioning’ of Family Planning in Kenya
  • National Coordinator of Kenya Service Assessment Survey (KSPA 11) of 2004.
  • Undertaking Further Analysis of the Kenya Service Provision Assessment 2004 on Child Health Services.
  • Undertook Further Analysis of Kenya Demographic and Health Survey 2003 IEC component.
  • Local Expert during the development of the 6th UNFPA Country Program of Assistance to Kenya Advocacy component.
  • National coordination of Facility Care Initiative Survey (FCI) implemented in Homabay , Migori and Suba – 2003. 
  • In charge of management and coordination of the Kenya Demographic Health Survey (KDHS) 111 1998 at the national level.
  • Participated in the Kenya Demographic Health Survey (KDHS) – 1989 and 1993 as the Regional Coordinator for Western Province.
  • Coordinated research on the factors contributing to the use of the family planning methods in Kakamega & Siaya districts sponsored by AMREF in 1989.
  • Directed and coordinated baseline survey on health, family planning and nutrition in Kakamega, sponsored by JICA, PEPP
  • Participated in the 1989 national census as senior supervisor and also in post census survey in 1990

VaneManager Policy Development & Research

Mrs. Vane Lumumba holds a Masters degree in Applied Population Research from Exeter University, U.K. She has also undergone technical training in the following areas: Communicating Population and Health Research data to policy Makers; Achieving Millennium Development  Goals; Development and Utilization of the Log-Frame in Monitoring and Evaluation; Research and Evaluation, from University of Connecticut, Hartford USA; and Supervision and Evaluation as management tools, from CEDPA, Washington D.C.; Population Management Course by the Kenya Institute of Administration.

Mrs. Lumumba was employed in the Agency in 1989 and has worked in the following different capacities; Senior Population Officer; Head of Research Section; and Coordinator, Trainer, Supervisor, Author, and Interviewer in major national surveys and assessments.
Other specific roles include:
  • Member of the national advocate committee of the Female Genital Mutilation
  • Co-investigator of the Radio assessment study by the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication
  • Team member in the 2001 Participatory Poverty Assessment [PPA].
  • Member of the Task Force for the analysis of the 1999 and 2004 Kenya Service Provision Assessments (KSPA)
Wide expertise in research, evaluation, monitoring, and policy analysis including:
  • Developing quantitative and qualitative research tools,
  • Collecting qualitative and quantitative data,
  • Compiling data of various types,
  • Analyzing quantitative and qualitative information,
  • Report writing,
  • Dissemination and communicating research information to a wide variety of audiences including policy/program managers

Dr. Paul Kizito