IEC Policy Advocacy

1. Management of the Documentation Center
NCAPD hosts a multimedia documentation center that includes a variety of resources regarding issues of population, health and development. This resource center is open daily and is free of charge to the public.

2. KenPop Newsletter
Each quarter, NCAPD creates and distributes the KenPop Newsletter throughout Kenya. This publication reports on news and events in the area of population and development in Kenya, and is available free of charge.

3. Vetting of IEC Materials
The Information Education and Communication Department assists in vetting materials on the issues of population, health and development that are created by various partner agencies.

4. Dissemination of Key Materials
The strategies and mechanisms by which key materials generated by NCAPD such as reports, key findings, educational and advocacy materials are disseminated to key stakeholders and partners is coordinated through the IEC and Advocacy department.

5. Parliamentarian’s Network
NCAPD is a key partner in the national Parliamentarian’s Network that is working on advocating for the repositioning of reproductive health as a national priority.

6. International Conference Coordination
The IEC department at NCAPD is the body responsible for coordinating international conferences regarding population, development and health.

7. Agricultural Shows
Each year, NCAPD provides information about population, health and development at agricultural shows throughout Kenya. NCAPD’s Regional Population Coordinators serve as committee members in the coordination and planning of agricultural shows nationally.